Bus Drivers’ Directions to the Zoo

These directions also have a Stony Island variation in them just in case the Dan Ryan is under bad construction. We try to have all buses go the same way whenever we travel. That way, if there are breakdowns, the other buses can help transport riders if necessary.

Directions to the Lincoln Park Zoo

Take I-94 west to Toll Road west to Chicago. 

Stony Island Variation:  After paying the toll for the Chicago Skyway, look for the Stony Island exit.  Follow Stony Island staying in the right hand lanes and bear to the right at the “Y” which leads to The Museum of Science and Industry and Lakeshore Drive.  At Lakeshore Drive turn left and continue to the Fullerton Street exit.

At I-90/94 (Dan Ryan Expressway) continue north to the Lake Shore Drive exit.  Follow the highway until you go north on Lake Shore Drive and exit at the Fullerton exit.  At the end of the exit ramp, take a left and go through one traffic light.  At the second traffic light take a left into zoo parking lot entrance (this will be Cannon Drive).  When turning into the zoo parking lot, head south towards the zoo entrance.
After unloading the bus, all buses must park at the Montrose Harbor Parking Lot.  To get to the parking lot, take Cannon Street south (merge left) to the first light (LaSalle Road) and turn left.  Go under Lake Shore Drive and take another left to head north on Lake Shore Drive.  Go north 4½-5 miles until you come to Montrose Avenue.  Turn right and follow the road for about ½ mile.  The Montrose Parking Lot is on the left.
Please stay with your bus and allow yourself 10 minutes travel time to be able to get back to the zoo.
When going to the zoo to pick up your kids, get on Lakeshore Drive South and get off at the Belmont exit.  You will continue straight through the signal light (do not go on the highway) and take a left at Cannon Drive (at the “T”).  Continue across Fullerton to the bus pick up point.
After picking up kids at the zoo, exit the parking lot going south on Lake Shore Drive.  Continue on Lake Shore Drive south to the I-55 exit.  Once on I-55 take the Dan Ryan South (90/94) exit.  Follow this to the Skyway and then home.