Gate Watcher Instructions

These are some directions for those who help us watch the gates at the Lincoln Park Zoo when we take the children there in the fall.  There are directions to the zoo and some instructions about what to do while there.

Directions to the Lincoln Park Zoo

Take I-94 west to Toll Road west to Chicago.  At I-90/94 (Dan Ryan Expressway) continue north to the Lake Shore Drive exit.  Follow the highway until you go north on Lake Shore Drive and exit at the North Ave./LaSalle Dr. exit.  At the end of the exit ramp, take a left and go through one traffic light.  At the second traffic light take a right onto Stockton Dr.  This road goes along the west side of the zoo.  You should drop some guys off along this road at the appropriate places.  If you do not find parking along here, you’ll turn right onto Fullerton and then right again onto Cannon Drive (this will be the zoo parking entrance).  When turning into the zoo parking lot, head south towards the zoo entrance.
Please stay at your spot until 3:05 p.m., and then go to the main gate on the east side of the zoo and make sure all the busses have left.  Help pick up any trash the kids have left behind and then go home.
Exit the parking lot going south on Lake Shore Drive.  Continue on Lake Shore Drive south to the I-55 exit.  Once on I-55 take the Dan Ryan South (90/94) exit.  Follow this to the Skyway and then home.

Instuctions for gate “watchers”

Dress comfortably for church so you can meet and leave immediately after the service. You need to be in your places before the buses get to the zoo. Do not plan on going to other places between the service and leaving for the zoo — no fast food, etc. — pack a lunch for the day.  You can always stop for fast food on the way home.

While “watching” your gate, please stay alert and look for children leaving by themselves.  Most of the kids we bring will have a bright tag with a bus number on it, so they should be easy to spot.  Also, all of them should be with a helper, so if a child is leaving the zoo without an adult they probably are lost (because they would either be with their parents at the zoo or with one of our helpers).  Try to be tactful if you think you need to help a child — they might not be from church and you could be intruding.  The Lincoln Park Zoo is a public zoo in the Chicago Park District.  Many other people will be there besides us.