Zoo Day Notes

These are instructions for helpers and leaders for the day we have the after church activity at the Lincoln Park Zoo.

1.         You provide submarine sandwiches, chips, dessert, and plenty to drink.
2.         Use a permanent marker to mark hands.
3.         Colorful numbered “name tags” are very helpful
4.         It is a good idea to have ropes for your little kids to hang onto.
5.         Check your count carefully both at church and at the zoo, and then get out of here and there.
6.         Have everything ready on the bus before leaving in the morning.
7.         Split up your kids on the bus on the way to the zoo.  Physically move them around so they can quickly get off the bus.
8.         Do not let any groups go by themselves:  this includes parents.  You can make larger groups with teens or adults in them.
9.         If any kids want to go shopping, only let one go into the stores at a time.
10.      Make sure you read the whole packet before tomorrow morning.
11.      Make sure your bus driver reads the directions before leaving in the morning.
12.      It costs $$$ to park at the zoo.
13.      The farm and lagoon are not available for the kids to see.
14.      P. Damron, A. Almanza, or I will give you a departure time when you arrive at the zoo.  Do not set a time before arrival.
15.      Make sure you fill out the count slip correctly and completely.
16.      Make sure to collect garbage on the bus before arriving at the zoo.  Make sure no trash is thrown out the windows at the main gate.
17.      Buses should begin leaving around 2:30 p.m.  The last bus should load-up to leave at 3:00 p.m.
18.      Don’t forget to pick up your visitor prizes from candy room before you leave.
19.      You will take your kids that brought 2 visitors to McDonald’s for a sundae.
20.      You will take your kids that brought 5 visitors to McDonald’s for a Happy Meal; try to do this separately.