Odd-year Reading Plan Bible

The second year of the Two-year Reading Plan Bible is now available in the Kindle store at Amazon. This was quite a lengthy undertaking, and I am happy to see it finally published. In this volume, readings are assigned (and included) for every day in a leap year which is always an even year. Including the text made the volume a whopping 2,945 pages long. I followed most of the editorial guidelines included on this site up through May. At that point, I needed to publish the book to the Kindle store so that it would be available for the beginning of 2019. When I finish June through December, I will combine the file into the complete Two-year Reading Plan Bible in the Kindle store.

When you finish the Odd Year Bible Reading Plan, you will have read through the whole New Testament, all the books of Poetry including the Psalms three times and the Proverbs eleven times, and half of the Old Testament.

The plan of reading follows this format:

  1. Begin with a selection of the Psalms. This allows you to pray or praise right along with the psalmist in the words of scripture.
  2. Then, read a portion of the Old Testament or New Testament. Four days a week you read the Old Testament. Then three days a week the New Testament.
  3. Finally, take some practical instruction from the book of Proverbs as you finish the daily devotion.

My desire is to see many people gain a better understanding of the Bible by reading it daily.