Large Print John and Romans

Several years ago I tried to help one of the men in our church who ministers to people in nursing home facilities find some large print Scriptures for the residents to read. We found that all the Bibles that say they are “large” or “giant” print aren’t really that large for someone who has deteriorating eyesight. Plus, they can’t have too large a print in order to have all the Bible in one book.

I have edited the text of John and Romans so that the verses are in paragraphs and increased the font to a very large size. Both of these features allow for fluent, easy reading of the Gospel of John and the Epistle to the Romans. These “Large Print John and Romans” are available at
Good for…..

  • elderly relatives
  • nursing home ministries
  • Jolly 60 ministries

I pray that many people will be able to continue to read the Scriptures by using this work.