Front Sight

As a President-level member of Front Sight Firearms Training Institute, I have…

…hundreds of course certificates, and dozens of gun rental certificates available for pennies on the dollar. These can be purchased safely using the links below. Expedited delivery of certificates, etc. can be accomplished with an activated account. For more information about Front Sight, visit their website at

When you train at Front Sight, NV (about 50 minutes outside Las Vegas), you get world-class firearms training without the boot camp experience. Front Sight range masters and instructors give every student the confidence of skill at arms in a respectful, professional experience.

Unless you stay at home, for less than the cost of lodging and tuition at an area facility, you can fly to LasVegas, rent a car, get lodging in Vegas or Pahrump, NV and train at Front Sight.

You can fire some ammo from a table at about any range or in your backyard (if you live in the country). But at Front Sight, you’ll be trained to carry and handle your firearm safely, comfortably, and confidently.

To purchase 2- or 4-day Course certificates from me click the links below. Each course certificate can be used one time for the length course purchased.

Front Sight 2-day Course Certificate – $5.95

Front Sight 4-day Course Certificate – $9.95

If you have other questions about my experiences at Front Sight or other items I’ve gotten as membership bonuses that I can sell, please contact me with the form below.