Context of the Scriptures – Part 2

  • Scripture is written in historical context
    • Biblical History
      • What is happening in the Bible at this time
    • Non-Biblical
      • What is happening on a world-scale
  • Scripture is written in cultural context
    • Honor and Shame
    • Hellenism
    • Tribal society
    • The Temple
  • Scripture is written in geographical context
    • Placement on the map
    • Topography
    • Land Quality
    • Water
    • Government
  • Scripture is written in visual context
    • Location setting
    • What was it like to be there?
  • Scripture is written in linguistic context
    • Greek – NT
    • Hebrew – OT
  • Scripture is written in literary context
    • Poetry
    • Preaching
    • Parables
    • Prophecy

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