You Think Too Much… is the personal blog of Jeff Voegtlin. This is an ongoing project that hopefully is helpful. There are a variety of posts related to some of the many things I’m involved in at my church. Some posts are related to college classes. Others are about instrumental music ministry. Some are cross-posted from my involvement with the Jackhammer blog. And some are related to trips I’ve taken to Israel. Please browse around.

Two Year Bible Reading Plan — This site publishes a daily Bible reading portion for each day of the year. A unique two-year plan is followed.

The text comes from the English version authorized by King James. It is formatted into paragraphs without verse numbers that can impede the fluent reading of the words.

Each day, the reading plan starts with a portion from the Psalms, then a portion from the Old or New Testament. The day concludes with instruction from the Proverbs of Solomon.

Over the two years, the Old Testament is read once, the New Testament twice, the Psalms six times and Proverbs twenty-two times.

Baptist Exposition — I am a mid-aged pastor with a growing passion for expositional sermons. I have a goal of building and providing a resource for Baptist preachers. My hope is that I can compile a large number of good examples of expository sermons. Messages that exposit AND preach. I am using my own lessons and sermons to begin with only because I own them and have access to them (not because I think they are good examples of exposition or preaching).

Hopefully, other pastors will agree with the need for this type of resource and allow me to publish the texts of their sermons and also link to audio of their preaching. I welcome your comments.