No Righteousness Of Mine

These are the words to a hymn written recently.  While the writer contemplated the apparent goodness of Pope John Paul II, he was reminded that regardless of how “righteous” a person is, nothing of man’s can stand before God.  Christ’s righteousness stands in glorious relief against the shortcomings of mankind.

I don’t know the writer personally.  He posted this on a list I lurk on, and it was a blessing to me.

Hymn:  No Righteousness of Mine
Tune:  Rejoice the Lord is King!

No righteousness of mine
Can stand before the Throne,
But Christ’s own perfect works are now my very own!
In Christ I’m free!
The Cross of Christ made peace with God for even me!

The holy law of God
That once declared my death
Now whispers “All is well” with Jesus’ dying breath!
Once dead, now raised!
His glorious Cross puts Death to death!  Let Christ be praised!

Now Sinai holds no fear!
Its fiery curses fade,
Outshined by rays of grace in Calv’ry’s love displayed!
In worship, fall!
Adore the Son of God whose outpoured blood heals all!