Beware! 10 Minutes of continuous writing ahead!

Well, here goes. My first ten minutes of writing. I hope this isn’t too painful. I think first I’ll talk about my observations from last night’s revival meeting. (I put the timer behind the monitor so I can’t see how much time is left, I’ll just type until the alarm goes off). Anyway, I have been thinking that there has been a lot of preaching about revival lately — what it has looked like in other times, why we should want to have it in our lives, but to my mind not much preaching that would cause us to be revived. If something is dead, nothing it does can revive it, in fact, it can do nothing because it is dead. Anyway, last night, the message was very powerful, I probably should upload it to the website. PW preached on remembering Jerusalem and had three points. 1st – Jerusalem in the OT, where the city represented the presence of God, then ,Jerusalem in the Gospels, where we see our Lord crucified, and last, Jerusalem in the future, the heavenly home of all the saints. The message was powerful because it drew our attention away from ourselves and caused us to look to God. We are to look to God for His presence in our lives each and every day. We must remember Christ’s sacrifice. The message was very powerful here. I don’t think I’ve heard many descriptions of Christ’s torture and sufferings like this before. Not so much the physical descriptions but how they applied to me and you. What Christ might have thought when he was blindfolded and beaten was a powerful thought. All the reminders that it was my sin that caused His pain was needed. This idea is very hard to swallow. I like to admit that human’s sin caused Christ’s death and suffering but that kind of keeps it distant from me. I’m not that bad a person. But I need reminded again and again and again that even if I were the only one on the earth, my sin would have sent Him to the cross. (Wow, the buzzer just went off already) The wonderful thought is that if I were the only sinner on the earth, His love would have sent Him to the cross also. What amazing love. Well, the exercise is over. Let the spellchecker clean some up and send it to the site.