Thoughts From My Devotions

If you are a regular reader of this blog, or even a recent visitor, you may be wondering, “What book is this guy reading for his devotions.” I am a creature that needs structure. A few years ago, I realized it had been a long time since I had read certain portions (sections) of the Bible during my devotions. So I developed a plan to read in a different section of the Bible for each day of the week. I have grown up as a Christian and am very familiar with most of the Bible, but I wanted to be getting balanced exposure to the Word. After a while of doing that, some of the teens in the youth group found a Bible reading plan on the Internet. It especially interested me, because it was almost identical to what I had developed for myself. The difference was that this man had developed the plan to finish the entire Bible in one year (52 weeks). I decided to follow that plan. Certain days of the week have long readings and others are comparatively short. After following his plan for a year, I have developed my own, but it covers two years (105 weeks). I have uploaded it to my website and the link to it is here. After I finish this two-year plan, I’ll probably do something else. I don’t think this is the only way to read through your Bible for your devotions.

One other thought… I think Bible reading plans are very good, especially for families or groups, even churches. In a sense, it keeps everyone that is doing it related to each other. Or, they have at least one “page” in common between them. I think this may be where the idea of the “lexionary” came from. People would be reading the same Scriptures at home and meditating on them and therefore, more in tune with what God was teaching all of them through the written and even preached Word.