The Focus of Worship

In a sermon I recently heard, the idea was proposed that King Ahaz wanted to copy the altar that was at Damascus so that, among other reasons, more people would enjoy the worship.  The altar he saw must have been spectacular.  This got me to thinking…

Plain and simple worship tends toward true godly worship because it does not draw attention to itself.  The simple brazen altar was probably wasn’t anything special to behold.  “Flashy worship” does not tend toward worship because it draws our attention to the thing/person.  People may have enjoyed worshipping with the fancy Damascene altar, but they weren’t led to the worship of God by it.  And people today may enjoy worship that satisfies their senses, but they aren’t drawn closer to God by it.



  1. I heard the same sermon you are talking about in your rambling. The first thing that came to my mind was neo-evangelical style churches that are out there today. I recall when I was looking for a good church and the “feel good” philosophy in churches do exist. They have their beautiful altars, their “feel good” praise and worship. They don’t have the real deal. That was evident in the Sunday School and private group studies, and preaching on Sunday morning.
    It really is a sad state in the church today a form of godlness, but lacking there of….

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