Not Home Yet — Inspirational

I heard an inspiring illustration recently:

Years ago, a missionary to China was coming back to the United States after many years of faithful but hard service to his King Jesus.  On the same boat was Franklin Roosevelt who was coming back from a safari hunting trip.  At the port, a huge crowd acclaimed him, but nobody was there to acclaim this missionary and his wife.  The missionary got very upset inside.  “It’s not right,” he said to his wife.  “See this man (talking about Franklin Roosevelt); he went to China to kill elephants, and he is acclaimed when he comes home; we gave our lives, our health, our money to serve Christ in China, and when we come home, no one is waiting for us, no one is acclaiming us.”  His wife replied softly:  “Honey, we are not home yet!”



  1. You know, there were a few points about this illustration I questioned: safari in china? elephants in china? FDR rather than TR? So I wonder about the details. I just copied it from the speakers handout. The point is well made — we’re seeking the “Well done” that comes when we’re “finally home.”

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