Colossians 1:3-8

We give thanks

·        only one letter where he does not give thanks (Galatians)

·        To God and Father

o       The

o       Of Lord Jesus Christ

§         Our


How: (do you give thanks?)

·        Praying

o       Always

o       For you


Why: (something in them)

·        Since we heard

o       Of faith (conversion) – God

§         In Christ (sphere – whole, no more needed)

o       And of love – others

§         The

§         Ye have

·        To saints

o       All – not just a few

o       The

— John 13:35

– faith and love brings thanks to leadership


Why: (something outside them)

·        For the hope – this is foundational to faith and love – it is the reason you can have faith and love one another

o       In heaven

o       From the gospel

§         Truth

§         Come to you – as the world

§         Brings fruit – as in you

·        Since you heard – faith by hearing

·        And knew (grace in truth) – you must know in order to grow

o       Personal experience

o       Intellectual apprehension

·        Also learned from Epaphras

o       Our fellow servant

o       Your faithful minister

·        Declared your love


Concluding thoughts:

·        Faith, Love and Hope – six times by Paul, also Hebrews 6:10-12; and 1 Peter 1:21-22

o       Faith rests in the past

o       Love acts in the present

o       Hope presses toward the future

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