Colossians 1:9-12

Prayer and desire for the Colossians (vv. 9-12)

            Prayer – the Christian’s privilege

            Heavenly Father – picture of God’s “openness”

            “Take it to the Lord in prayer”

·        Internal – be filled (something to be done to them)

§         They must be in the place to receive

§         Filled – no room for anything else

o       Knowledge of His will

§         In all wisdom (Sophia)

·        Knowledge of first principles

§         Spiritual understanding (Sunesis)

·        Critical knowledge

·        Ability to apply first principles to any given situation

§         Understand great truths of Christianity and apply them to the mundane daily tasks of life

§         Master of theology can be a failure in life

§         What does Christianity mean in the business of living from day to day?

o       Knowledge, wisdom, understanding

§         These are instrumental in Christians growth

§         They are foundational to “walking worthy”

·        Hosea 4:6

·        2 Timothy 3:16-17

§         In a biblical way, you can never know too much

§         If knowledge is “just facts,” it puffs up; godly knowledge changes you

·        External – walk worthy

§         Walk – consistency

§         Worthiness – determined by walk

§         Described by four participles

o       Being fruitful

§         In works

·        Every

·        Good

§         Practical praying

§         We don’t pray to withdraw from life

§         We pray to make it through life

§         We must pray more than before we go through life

§         We must pray as we go through life

o       Increasing in knowledge

·        Of God

·        As we bear more fruit

·        Becoming more like Christ

o       Strengthened

·        With might

·        Many times it’s not knowledge but might that we need.

·        We know what to do, we lack might

·        According to power

·        Some say knowledge is power

·        But it could be a curse

·        Through prayer, we can have knowledge and power

·        Unto patience and longsuffering, hupomone and makrothumia

·        Often have same meaning, but have distinction when listed together

·        Patience = hupomone

o       Not just sitting down and bearing things

o       Ability in bearing things to turn them to the glory of God

o       A conquering patience

o       No circumstance can defeat, no event can vanquish

o       Ability to deal triumphantly with anything life brings us

·        Longsuffering = makrothumia

o       Patience with people

o       People are:

§         Unpleasant

§         Malicious

§         Cruel

§         Unteachable

§         Foolish

§         Unlovely

o       Longsuffering is:

§         Not bitter

§         Not despairing

§         Not irritated

§         Still loving

o       The spirit that never loses patience with, belief in, hope for men

·        With joyfulness

·        Through circumstances

·        Christian joy is not diminished by events or people

o       Giving thanks

·        Unto the Father

·        The walking is second nature because of the knowledge

o       Ask someone “How do you do that?”

·        How do you make that? Boy, I don’t know. I’ll have to think about that. I’ve been doing it so long that I don’t even give it a thought. Let me think, What do I put in there? How much? How….It’s, you know, I just do it.” You think, “Oh, that’s a big help”

·        How do you walk? It’s all second nature. Our knowledge of his will should be so internalized that we walk worthy. We are not walking by trying to check off a list functions to perform.


Christianity is not a “recipe” religion.

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