BJU Commencement 2007

Thursday morning my wife and I drove… well, I drove my wife down to Greenville, South Carolina so we could be there in time for rehearsal Friday morning. On the way down, we ate lunch at Buffalo Wild Wings. I didn’t really like it that well. They had lots of flavors (I think I tried six or seven different ones), but most of the ones I tried had a “hint” of buffalo flavor to them. I can handle buffalo wing flavor, but I don’t like it. So… I won’t be wondering whether I like that restaurant anymore.

It rained very hard while we were driving through the North Carolina mountains, and we had to drive slower than I would have liked. It was still raining hard when we arrived around 11:00 p.m.

The next morning, I dropped off my last library book, paid off my account, and found out where I was supposed to march and sit. Then we rehearsed. That finished around 12 noon. After that, I had to wait in line to get my regalia (no, that’s not food). I was all ready to go by 1:15 p.m.

At two o’clock, I saw my second play (I’ve seen “The Christmas Carol”) and first Shakespeare play–it was interesting…  We had dinner with the Hodges, Charles (Ken) and Jeremy, and then went to the Commencement Concert at eight o’clock. The guy told us we had good seats for the concert, and I guess they were. We sat right behind Dr. Bob III and his wife. During the intermission, I took a walk to stretch my legs and was able to see and greet Mr. and Mrs. Gaus and Dr. Ed Nelson. Before we left Dr. Bob III, greeted us. I can never tell whether he really knows me or if he is just superb at being friendly.

JessKiddingThe next morning, after dropping Annette off to wait for the mad rush to get the “good” seats at 7:30 a.m., I went to Walgreens to get some cough drops. As I was exiting, who else do I see but “Jess Kidding” himself dressed in appropriate attire and demonstrating in front of the main entrance to the campus. I decided I had to see this up close, so I drove around the block returning to campus in such a way so that I could snap this picture as I entered. I almost ran into another car while doing that, and I immediately determined I had to find a parking spot far enough away to give me reason to walk past him and get some good pictures.

Pink signConfusedHere are some that are not as blurry… …I don’t know whether or not the university brought a boxed breakfast or lunch out to him or not.

The commencement exercises were quite impressive and very enjoyable. Afterwards, I was able to get my picture taken with all of my committee members. These three really were a good set of “cheerleaders” through most of the process. I could tell they really wanted me to succeed. Dr. Johnson is on the left; Dr. Cates is on the right; and Dr. Deuink is the other one. I think he has more colors on his gown because he is also the Dean of the School of Education.


Nette and meMy biggest cheerleader was there the whole time also. We really had an enjoyable trip there, a good time while we were there, and a good trip back. Annette now likes to say that I made history. I believe my dissertation is the first qualitative study completed for the School of Education. I think one of the other doctoral recipients made history also. At least I had never heard (or thought) of doing a nursery manual for a dissertation!

After I turned everything in and received my diploma, we went back to the hotel, changed quickly and then headed home. We pulled into the garage around 1:00 a.m., Sunday morning. We must have been flying, because our neighbors, who were on an airline got home later than we did.


Addendum. I also saw the following people that I knew: Matt Richardson, Chuck White, Ian Crook, Stephen Pettit, Eric Sipe.

Oh, and The Brady Bunch was there also.

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  1. See now if I was driving you would have been there, oh wait a minute, I have to still pay my last ticket, and I got something like points on my liscense, that is good, right?

    Anyway, Congrats, and now I can ask “What’s up Doc?” everytime I see you.

  2. Thank you to all. Annette does look lovely. I don’t know about the anti-pants guy. I don’t think they sent any breakfast or lunch out to him.

    Also, when I get the whole thing into one document, I will make it available here in .pdf format.

  3. Is that a guy!!! – is he wearing a dress? I shouldn’t be shocked, that’s what we have out here in CA.

  4. Yes, that is a guy. He was trying to make a point. The point being, that while he was not allowed on campus like that, women wearing pants were allowed on campus. That’s why he says, “only female crossdressers are permitted on campus.”

  5. Oh, ok. Personally, I would use different tactics. It’s just something about wearing a dress – it definitely gets your point across. : ) It is very true, though, female “crossdressing” is acceptable these days. Men no longer have a defining garment!

  6. Kirk You ought to see him dance, that white guy got rythmn and does the YMCA quite well. :0)

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