Anyone Want to Read This, Now?

Here’s the final update to this post. My dissertation is now complete and in .pdf format.

Anyone interested in reading it, can click the link to download the file. Enjoy, if you care to.

It shouldn’t take you long to digest it. It’s only 249 pages total!



  1. Just curious did you have to use APA style in writing? If so, do you have much experience with it? Do you know if it has changed much in the last 10 years?

    I am curious because I am going back to school this fall, and will need to write in APA format, which I did before, but it was a real pain until I got used to it. Papers are due every 4-5 weeks for the next 19 months.

    Oh by the way, if I do attend Indiana Wesleyn University can I say I’m going to Bible College? :o)

  2. Yes, it is in APA format with a few guidelines given specifically by BJU. I don’t think APA has changed much in the last ten years… it has always been the 5th edition that I was supposed to use. So that means it will be changing soon. 🙂

    As to college, I don’t know. Do they use a Bible at the Wesleyan college?

    What are you going to college for? Are you going to become a Master or a Doctor of nursing?

  3. I do know that you have to take a one Bible Class, a former co worker of mine did a report on the Book of Ruth. So I assume they use a Bible, which one, I dunno. I wonder if I can have one of my bible classes from Fairhaven taken as credit so I can exempt out of it?

    I am getting my Bachelors and if that goes well go on to maybe Nurse Practioner of some sort, probably ER since that is my forte.

    I actually think I have the 5th edition of the APA Manual, thanks for answering my question

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