Santorini Scuba Excursion

If you have always wanted to try scuba diving but just couldn’t find the time, the time is now! Join this Discover Scuba tour and experience the undersea world of tropical marine life, coral reefs and sunken wrecks in just a few short hours. No experience necessary. Your scuba adventure begins when you are met at the dock by your instructor/guide. You will then make the short trip to the dive shop where you will be outfitted and will receive a safety briefing. You will then depart by boat to a pristine volcanic reef. Here, your instructor will provide you with the basic scuba instruction you will require to explore the underwater world with expert assistance. This introduction to Scuba is designed for the non-diver and is easy, safe and fun. Your instructor will also be happy to take your picture as you hand-feed the fish in a sunken cruise liner. After a short instruction period, enter the water with a professional instructor. Plenty of lounge space is available in the sun and shade. All instruction, equipment and beverages are provided. Afterwards, you will re-board your boat for the return to shore and the dive shop. You will have a few minutes to browse at the dive shop store before returning to the cruise ship.

Experienced divers can explore the volcanic reefs and sunken wrecks. Transfer to your dive boat for a 10-15-minute ride to a site chosen for the best conditions of the day. Santorini has both wrecks and reefs inside a marine park and you will dive each of these depending upon conditions. Boat dives are 35-70 feet and are inhabited by a variety of local marine life, turtles, rays and Mediterranean reef sharks. This excursion is for certified open-water divers, it gives the chance to dive on one of the most famous dives in the Mediterranean, the Sea Diamond. A 20th-century Greek Cruise Liner that sunk off the shore of Santorini during disembarkation provides intriguing and exciting dives at 50ft and 90ft. The wreck was featured on MSNBC. The program consists of a one-tank dive on the Sea Diamond. However, the Sea Diamond is an “experienced” dive and for fully certified divers. A short bus transfer to the dive center and then a boat ride on the dive boat accompanied by fully accredited dive instructors provides a dive experience to be remembered.

I wrote this parody after the Greek cruise liner sunk at Santorini but before we all had gone on our trip. It was funny to all of us at the time. I hope you all see the humor here also.

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