A Fix or a Start

Many people look at significant spiritual events in their lives as a time when they “got things right” and think that that event will fix all their problems.  I’ve never seen things work out this way.  Young people “get saved again,” “rededicate their lives,” “surrender to the Lord’s will.”  Anyone that looks at life this way is missing the Bible truth that Christianity is a walk, not an event.  If you needed the gospel, you still need the gospel.  If you needed to surrender, you still need to surrender.  If you needed to communicate, you still need to communicate.  Doing what you should do once doesn’t fix the problem, it’s just the start.  If you stop after once, you’ll go right back and eventually fail and have to get another “fix” later on.

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  1. Therefore if any man be in Christ, he is a new creature: old things are passed away; behold, all things are become new.
    ~ II Corinthians 5:17

    Where does this verse fit into what you believe? Also Can a Christian truly be “Right with God” while they are are on this earth, sin is around us, we will continue to sin, thus fellowship would be broken while there is sin, right? Can we truly go a day without sinning?

    Also I doubt if anyone can disagree with you that the Christian life is a walk, but there are certain actual events (stumbles, or real bad falls) that open our eyes while we are walking. If you walk long enough with your eyes closed, you may have an uneventful event, fall that makes you realize you need to open your eyes when you walk, and look at the Light, instead of continuing in the dark path you been trodding.

    It is hard to real describe the darkness, maybe because you may have never been lead on the broad path of destruction that you can’t understand how certain events can truly open someone to the Gospel or to change a life to live for God or want to live for Him, that it seems unrealistic to you.

    This may seem far fetched, but say you were walking along Arizona in the desert, you were doing it with your eyes closed, then all the sudden the ground went out beneath your feet, you were falling in mid air, when you opened your eyes you were lying in a tangled mess, barely breathing at the bottom of the Grand Canyon. That would be a drastic event you would remember. One that would help keep your eyes open no matter how weary your travel may be.

    Just a thought

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