Chapter 6

  1. What type of law is the law of teaching?
  2. What are we to make the student into?
  3. What type of knowledge is most permanent and best in use?
  4. What process separates learning from knowing?
  5. What objects are most attractive to young learners?
  6. Practically, what limits the voluntary actions of the mind?
  7. No education or teaching can be absolutely _____________ from morals.
  8. What must the teacher address if he wishes to achieve the highest success?
  9. When can the product be sure or permanent?
  10. What is the true stimulant of the human mind?
  11. What is the whole of teaching?
  12. What questions shows the consequences of events?
  13. When the law of teaching is followed the scholar of the schooltime becomes the _____ of a ____________ .
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