The New Cambridge Paragraph Bible – Bibles – Authorized, Restored and Paragraphed! The New Cambridge Paragraph Bible.

Here is an interesting article about the New Cambridge Paragraph Bible.  I essentially agree with everything the man says here.  I love my Penguin edition and read it everyday.  I look forward to the day that Cambridge makes this edition handier for using in church.

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  1. I like the paragraph format of the New Cambridge Paragraph Bible. I got the Penguin Classic one also. The Trinitarian Bible Society published a rather short article criticizing Dr. Norton’s work. 1. He took out the italics, 2. The 1769 KJV edition is more accurate than Norton’s 1611, in places like Deut. 26:1, and John 11:3. Anyway the article is available here. The article is written by Brian Felce and can be found in the TBS website in their “Quarterly Record” number 575. I wish that they could make a paragraph edition of the current Cambridge Bible, and one without the Apocrypha.

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