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I went to school and worked at Long John Silvers with Pastor Mitchell’s older sister.  He presents some very good points to consider in this short post:

I have twice heard on CBS radio today that a “Christian fundamentalist militia group” that gets their ideas of violence “from the Bible”  has been busted up by federal agents who are accusing them of seeking to kill policemen.

I’m wondering why I haven’t heard a single political leader say something like: “Christianity is a beautiful religion.  Please don’t think that these would-be murderers represent Christianity.  They have perverted and hi-jacked a wonderful way of faith.  Please don’t lash out at Christians . . . “

I’m also wondering why I have never heard a CBS newsperson, when reporting on an attack by an Islamo-fascist, say something like, “They base their violence on passages from the Koran.”

If these people were plotting to kill policemen then they need to be stopped and I’ll be among the first to condemn their ideas and plans.  However, I find it interesting that the media has no problem claiming them as Christians while continually seeking to downplay the religious beliefs of Islamo-fascists who have killed only-God-knows-how-many in the name of their god, Allah, and his wicked prophet Muhammed.

I write this as a Christian pastor.  By the way, where are the Islamic clerics who will condemn the ideas, plans, and activities of the Islamic militants who are carrying out their evil deeds?

I don’t know if you should pass this on or not, but it might be a good idea to try to get others to think about this.

Bobby Mitchell

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  1. My husband and I have taken turns ranting about this very thing over the past 24 hours. The reports I heard didn’t even qualify them as “Christian Extremists” – just “Christian.” The double standard certainly doesn’t surprise me, but it does anger me.

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