This May be Offensive

I am starting work on a gospel tract idea. This is a work in progress. I hope to be able to print a manageable size tract to pass out and possibly expand into an ebook of some type.

My premise is that the gospel is offensive to human nature. If someone knows that what they are going to read has the potential to offend, they may read it all the way through. This would allow the Scriptures to penetrate a human barrier.

I will appreciate any suggestions for making this clear and concise.



  1. That is an excellent idea. As you know, the word of God has required some sort of action in response to it’s presentation. Just looking at Jesus whenever He proclaimed the good news one sees He either got a positive response of one turning to the truth, or a negative response of people attacking Him (and occasional responses of some, such as the rich man, turning away sorrowfully). In every instance of those negative responses we see that is based in the fact of persons sinful nature (ie. Love of money, love of self, etc.). I would love to see the end product!

  2. My opening would read, “Do Not Continue To Read This If You Are Easily Offended.” But if you can take a little mental abuse to your old way of thinking, read on —-

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