Is It Safe to Travel in Israel?

Yes, travelling in Israel is very safe. I have been there three times and never felt like I was in any danger. Here are some facts to consider and calm any fears:

  1. Israel has over 3 1/2 million tourists a year. There has never been an attack on a tour group — unlike Egypt, Morocco, Spain and many other countries.
  2. You are more likely to get struck by lightening on the way to the airport than to be in an accident in the air or on land going to or coming from Israel.
  3. There may be problems in the periphery, but if so, all guides and drivers receive SMSs and able to avoid an area that may be dangerous. Also, they are highly trained in how to respond to incidents. Plus, all Guides, Drivers and Hotels, etc. are trained in Security Issues.
  4. Samson Tours provides WiFi on the bus so that you can stay in touch with your family quite easily should there be any concerns.
  5. It is very safe to go out on your own in Israel. There are no gangs, drive-bys, etc., and statistically Israel is one of the safest countries to be in at any time.
  6. According to the United Nations, Israel is the 5th safest country in the world at any moment.
  7. Walk by Faith, not by what CNN tells you. The smallest incident that happens in Israel will get disproportionate reporting and give the impression that there is danger everywhere in Israel.

Hopefully, I’ve answered any safety concerns you may have had. If you plan to travel in Israel, be sure to have  an Israeli licensed guide (Do not go off by yourself. That is illegal.) and be sure to check into the services provided by Samson Tours.

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