Bible Text: Numbers 13-14 | Preacher: Jeff Voegtlin

Encouragement and Challenges from the life of Caleb

  1. Sometimes you are called to do things that don’t need to be done – God had already promised them the land, the people were doubting Him, and asked to send spies – serve God faithfully even when you are “suspicious” of the outcome
  2. The facts are always the same, it matters how you look at them. It’s most important to trust the Lord fully! Are you looking at yourself or your God?
  3. Those that do not trust the Lord HATE and DESPISE those that do. They would like to see them dead.
  4. The Lord is always with his faithful men, whether He delivers them or not. (Shadrach, etc)
  5. The tangible rewards of God may take a long time to receive.
  6. It takes patience to live for the Lord (38 years of watching unbelievers waste away)
  7. Faithful men keep their priorities in order (God’s people needed Canaan before Caleb needed Hebron)
  8. Even when the Lord blesses, He does so in His own timing (five years of conquering Canaan, still Hebron was not his–even when it was his, he still had to conquer it again)
  9. Caleb had this strength in his age because his heart was strong. He followed the Lord wholeheartedly. Old age is no excuse for giving up in the battles (there are many you will still need to fight even when the youth are fighting the noticeable ones)
  10. Your strong, right influence can bless God’s people even when you are gone (Othniel)
  11. Live every day for God with all your heart. God can use your life even when you are gone.