Freedom FROM Religion

In our American culture today, we often hear that we all have the right to be free from religion. America has not provided just “freedom of religion”, but also “freedom from religion”. For some, this is a rallying cry.

As I see it, there is one fundamental problem with this slogan–it is absolutely impossible. You see, every single person in the world was created with a spiritual nature, therefore, every single person in the world practices some type of religion. For those that refuse to admit a creation, let me rephrase…. Every single person in the world HAS a spiritual nature, therefore, every single person in the world practices some type of religion.

It is my observation that those who try to believe in freedom FROM religion are really crying out for freedom FROM God, the Creator. It would be more accurate if they said it that way and admitted that they do have a religion. Spiritually, they practice denial of a Creator, rebellion against their Creator, and warfare on any one of several fronts against the Creator. They may restrict their warfare to the intellectual realm, or they may do combat in the social and cultural world. Most in America do not fight God or those that express belief in Him physically, nevertheless, they are quite violently against Him and His Son Jesus Christ.

It is a futile war, for one day, every person will find out that Jesus Christ is the Creator of all and He is the Lord of every thing and person. Sadly, those who refused to admit that and have passed on, now know that they lived in rebellion against the righteous and just judge of all. Since you have not passed off the earth yet, you have two choices…

First, you could continue as you are…denying the Creator, living in rebellion against Him and when you leave this earth, you will be in a place without Christ and without anything from God. You’ll be finally free FROM God. But it won’t be that great. Everything that is good anywhere comes from God. So without God there, there will be nothing good there at all. Everything you can imagine will be bad. If you’ve been in bad situations before, you know that even in them there was something good. If you can’t think of anything good in them, at least it ended. Eternity free FROM God, doesn’t have anything good in it–NOTHING. And, it doesn’t end. It’s a Christ-less, eternal hell.

Second, you could turn from the way you are going. You could admit your wrong. You could turn from your hatred of God and beg His forgiveness. You could request pardon from the One that rules the universe. You would find that your pardon is already offered to you in the person of Jesus Christ. His life, death, and resurrection secured the forgiveness of your sins and an eternal home in heaven. If you turn to Him away from your own ideas and religion and confess that He is the Lord of all, even at this moment… if you believe that He was raised from the dead and lives eternally, you may call on Him for forgiveness, for pardon, and for life, and He WILL save you from the damnation that you are headed toward.

If you choose the second way, you will find that Jesus Christ gives peace and blessings here in this life, and those things just help confirm his promises for after life must be true.

There’s no such thing as “freedom FROM religion.” And, there’s no such thing as freedom FROM God, except for those that are in Hell.

Please, turn to God from yourself and serve the living and true God.