Saints, Servants, and Salutations

Saints, Servants, and Salutations

Bible Text: Philippians 1:1-2

  • Acts 16:1(10)-40 — founding of church at Philippi during 2nd “missionary” journey
  • Luke apparently stays here
  • Gifts sent to Paul at Thessalonica twice
  • Timothy and Silas sent back to Thessalonica and Philippi various times
  • Paul probably stops through on way back to Jerusalem
  • Paul jailed in Caesarea (2yrs)
  • Paul sails to Rome
  • Paul under “house arrest” in Rome (2yrs)
  • Paul’s circumstances worsen
  • Philippians send gift to Paul with Epaphroditus (gets sick, they hear, etc.)
  • Paul writes Philippians

Servants, Saints, and Salutations — Philippians 1:1-2


  •  Not polemic – defensive (implication, but not expressed)
  •  Not practical – doctrinal (some very exalted doctrine – kinosis)
  • Mostly personal of church letters
    • As a friend to friends (Paul is closest to the church at Philippi
    • No apostolic claim (not necessary)
    • Response to different correspondence (gift, Epaphroditus, sickness, etc)

Servants (doulos=bond-servants=slaves)

  • Paul – in prison (later imprisonment in praetorium during 1st Roman)
  • Timothy – with Paul, but not an author
    • Exodus 21:5 type of slave
    • never not a slave (absolute obedience)
    • Christ’s possession (absolute faithfulness & loyalty)
    • not free to come or go
    • dependent on Christ (absolute, fearless trust)

Saints (hagios=different, separated, holy, sacred) examples (priests, tithe, tabernacle, temple, holy of holies) how: in Christ Jesus

  • All saints – 1 Peter 2:9
  • Bishops and deacons


  • Grace (charis (Greek)=God’s unmerited favor) of God our Father … comes before…
  • Peace (eirene–sholom (Jew)=God’s good provision — more than absence of trouble) through reconciliation–in Jesus Christ


  • Are we bond-servants of Jesus Christ?
  •  Are we living as saints of God?
  • Do we crave grace and peace?