God’s Good Work

God’s Good Work

Bible Text: Philippians 1:6 Being confident of this very thing, that he which hath begun a good work in you will perform it until the day of Jesus Christ:

Parable of the Soils (good–100,60,30, thorny, stony, hard)

John, in 1 John, assures us…that assurance causes us to examine ourselves.

Paul did not have these type of questions about the Philippians

He was confident about one thing concerning them…


—He knew/remembered what had/was happening in his own life

—He knew Who was doing the work in their lives

  • Acts 16:1(10)-40 — founding of church at Philippi during 2nd “missionary” journey
    • Paul, Silas, Timothy, and Luke
    • Lydia, girl, and jailor
  • Luke apparently stays here
  • Gifts sent to Paul at Thessalonica twice
  • Timothy and Silas sent back to Thessalonica and Philippi various times
  • Paul probably stops through on way back to Jerusalem on 3rd journey
  • Paul jailed in Caesarea (2yrs)
  • Paul sails to Rome
  • Under “house arrest” in Rome (2yrs)
  • Paul’s circumstances worsen towards the end of his first imprisonment
  • Philippians send gift to Paul with Epaphroditus (gets sick, they hear, etc.)
  • Paul writes Philippians

Vs. 1:1-2 – Servants, Saints, Salutations (Grace, Peace)

Vs. 1:3-5 – Being Thankful, Causing Thankfulness (Receiving, Financing, and Spreading the Gospel)

…being confident of this very thing, that he which hath begun a good work in you will perform it until the day of Jesus Christ:

The people of the work: (he)

  • The Father
    • Calls by grace
    • Reveals His Son
    • Draws souls to him
  • The Son
    • Quickens the spiritually dead
    • Gives His spirit unto
    • Stamps His image upon
    • Bestows the fulness of His grace upon
  • The Holy Spirit
    • The spirit of regeneration
    • The spirit of sanctification
    • The spirit of faith
  • The description of the work: (good)
    • Illumination of the understanding
    • Subduing of the will
    • Removing a stony heart
    • Giving a heart of flesh
    • Infusing with a spiritual life
    • Forming Christ in the soul
    • Implanting grace in the soul
  • The effects of the work: (good)
    • Makes a man a good man
    • Fits and qualifies a man to do good works
    • Makes a man a proper home for God
    • Makes a man ready for the heavenly inheritance
  • The location of the work: (in)
    • Not external, but internal
    • Not outward, but inward
  • The subject of the work (internal)
    • Understanding enlightened
    • Will is subdued
    • Heart and inward parts written upon
    • Mind and conscience sprinkled and cleansed by Christ’s blood
    • Affections set on divine objects
  • The status of the work: (begun, continuing, will complete)
    • This is a description of a Christian’s conversion and life
    • Words used here for beginning and end are taken directly from sacrificial ritual — our lives are a sacrifice
    • Has begun (started, not finished)
      • Limited, yet real  faith, hope, love, knowledge
      • Remaining corruption
      • Continual wants and needs
    • Will perform (finish it)
      • Well of living water
      • Grace is the beginning of glory (glory the perfection of grace)
      • Incorruptible seed which will come to fruit
      • Earnest of the Spirit of God
      • ***Can anyone hinder Him? (Father, Son, Spirit)?
      • ***Starting is evidence that He will finish it
      • ***He who starts will finish (we didn’t start; we don’t do work of finishing–we can hinder that work)
    • Until the day of Jesus Christ
      • When (the day)
        • The day we die
        • The day of Christ’s return
        • The day of our presentation pure and holy before God
      • Continual (until, not on)
        • Yesterday, today, tomorrow, but for ever 🙂
        • Not something started, left, and finished
        • Year by year, Month by month, Day, Hour, Moment
        • Work of grace through faith 

God is doing a work in your life. Isn’t he?

What work is God doing in your life?

  • Testing your faith, trying your patience, proving your love, 
  • Purging your sin, 

Are you hindering the work of God in your life?

  • He will accomplish His ends.

Are you pursuing the work of God in your life?

  • ?Bandwagon? – when we know something good is going to happen, we normally jump on and go along
  • Continuous surrender is most pleasant.