Joash’s Hard Heart

Historical Context

  • Athaliah kills all of the “seed royal”
  • Jehoshabeath rescues one of the king’s children, Joash
    • One year old
  • Jehoiada orchestrates a coup and restores the throne to the house of David
    • A dramatic scene in the temple courtyard
    • Jehoiada and his sons anoint Joash
    • Joash is just seven years old
  • There is a “revival” under Jehoiada and Joash
    • Not all were dedicated to the Lord…
    • For some, a revival of convenience
  • Jehoiada dies at 130 years
    • Born in Solomon’s reign
    • Buried with the kings
  • Princes give obeisance to Joash
    • Request to worship in the high places again
    • He listens to them
    • The people begin to serve idols again
  • God sends prophets; God sends Zechariah
  • Zechariah is stoned
    • At Joash’s commandment
    • In the court of the Temple
      • Between the temple and the altar?
        • Abel to Zechariah – Luke 11:51
        • Genesis to 2 Chronicles (Hebrew OT)
          • Law, Prophets, Psalms
    • He prophesies, “The Lord look and require…
  • Syria comes and fulfills the prophecy with a small band

Family Tree – some ages are uncertain

  • Athaliah
    • Daughter of Ahab (Omri)
    • Mother of Amaziah
  • Amaziah
    • Grandson of Ahab and Jehosophat
  • Jehoshabeath
    • She was Amaziah’s sister
    • She was Joash’s aunt (step-mom)
    • She was Jehoiada’s wife
  • Jehoiada
    • High Priest
    • Husband of Jehoshabeath
    • Uncle to Joash
      • “Father” – vs. 22
      • Counselor
  • Joash
    • Only remaining son of slain Amaziah
  • Zechariah
    • Son of Jehoiada


  • Hard Hearts
    • Abel killed by his own brother
    • Zechariah killed by his “foster” brother
    • Jesus killed by his own
  • True Religion
    • Does your religion come from within
    • Or from “without” – outside
      • Parents
      • Pastors
      • Friends

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