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Here comes yet another particle in the blogosphere. There are millions of these particles and yet we want to add more to the mess. And the question is “Why?” Isn’t there enough smog in the blogosphere? Aren’t there enough opinions to keep us distracted from our purpose. “Why are you adding to the din?” you might ask. Our answer is rooted in those questions.

There is much too much smog in the blogosphere. There is a need for steady, relentless purification. There are way too many opinions that keep us from our work. There is a need for something more sure than opinion. Yes, there is a lot of din, and we want to add to it the steady, monotonous driving of a jackhammer.

We hope it’s not monotone, but we strive to continually return to the Word of God for the answers. Always going back to the same place—that’s monotonous. But only the Word of God will break the rocks we have before us.

Is not my word like as a fire? saith the LORD; and like a hammer that breaketh the rock in pieces? (Jeremiah 23:29)

Many independent fundamental Baptists are like rocks. If they’re not, the “movement” is. We’re so entrenched in our ways, there’s nothing that will change us. We want everyone else to change, but any suggestion of change is viewed as a capitulation to modernism. We say that we should be growing (changing) from our Bible reading and study, but we’re too set in our ways to consider that the Bible might suggest some other way. We need the continual hammering of the Word of God.

The culture around us is Godless; that culture has hardened much of Christendom; and many who claim to be the same as us (or were with us) have, in their own way, accepted this culture also. They’ve become hardened to the Word of God and need to be broken by it again—not with personality, or human forcefulness, but by the incessant pounding of the Bible. The job is hard because the rock is hard, but because the Word does the job, I can be joyful as I hang on to the jackhammer.

In the midst of this, the lack of substance among us is often glaring. There’s stony ground under our shallow soil. We “pay tithes of mint,” but we’ve omitted more serious issues. We’ve been too scared to address weightier problems. Or, we’ve been satisfied with shallow answers to deep questions. Because of this our detractors or attackers can with credibility question our own credibility. We need serious answers to real issues on a profound level that is understandable by all.

It is a hard situation; but we must not lose heart! We have the tool for the job. Our mission is to continually use the Bible to edify believers and expose error within the framework of Christian joy.