Hear ye, hear ye, the Jackhammer blog will soon be open. I will be joined by Dave Mallinak of Sharper Irony and Kent Brandenburg of What Is Truth? in hammering away at fundamentalism and contemporary culture. The Word of God is like a hammer that breaks the rocks in pieces. We will attempt to build and challenge with the consistent application of the Bible to ourselves and our culture. Some say “Theology is good, but what we need is practicality.” I say, “We need our theology to be so tied into our life that it is irresistible.” Some scorn theology as something for intellectuals and pinheads, but we need more than loud yelling to convict us about our practices. We need active, live theology that affects us daily. Jackhammer will try to address real issues by consistent application of the Bible.

Soon there will be a link to the new site in the sidebar.



  1. Hooray! Sometimes Christians fail to see God in the wonders of His Word. Theology is good only because tells us many things about who God is and what God is like. I can’t wait to see and add Jackhammer to my blogosphere!

  2. Please remind folks that the site address is Jackhammr.org (Jackhammer withouth the E, because E stands for Ecumenical and brother we don’t do that here)
    I accidently typed in Jackhammer.org (with the E) and it opened up to some wierd blog site.

  3. So the tree fort is done, are skirts allowed? The tag names remind me of something from the fifth grade. You sledge, PM as Mallet, and PB as hammer time (which really makes me want to say “You can’t touch this” I think I will abbreviate it for MC for short.


    The claw

  4. I will continue to post here in the whimsical manner I have of late. Thanks for stopping by and commenting.

    I have a few items I’m thinking about writing on, but I’ll admit they may be better topics for the Jackhammr blog.

    I’ll continue to post the more personal items here also — like the thoughts from my devotions and other items of that sort. Also, some topics that may be too “short” for posting on Jackhammr.–>

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