My Place ;)

I have this place I like to go to all by myself. Mostly, I go in the mornings when I know no one else will be around, because it’s there I meet with someone very special to me. We walk and talk and my friend tells me very special things. We have a relationship like no one else. My friend’s voice is so smooth that even nature itself is quiet when he speaks. I just can’t get the songs he sings for me out of my mind. I’d like to stay there all day and even through the night if I could, but he says I’ve got to leave sometime, so I go, but I still hear his voice through the evening darkness. I just can’t get his tunes out of my mind.



[sonific 9c018ae2052b96846b33f8824f11dfc895ad2e84]



  1. It is interesting how he varies the traditional melody for effect. “Alone” in the first verses, He “speaks” (pinched off) in the second verse, and “No” uuuuuuuuther in the final chorus are “interesting.”

  2. I’m just waiting to hear what the Mallet Factor thinks of this.

    “I wish he was alone.” —that is too funny.

    There’s a reason this is titled “My Place.” Someday I’ll blog about it!

  3. Has a nice syruppy sound to it. It reminds me of soft feather pillows piled high on a spongy warm mattress with a Kinkyade comforter. Makes me want to come to his garden, which is probably of the bugless, weedless variety. And plenty of pink flowers too. It warmed me.

    By the way, was that Elvis singing?

    And does your little paragraph work with the melody?

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