Saturday, June 16, 2007

We got up early today to start our run, breakfast, and be ready to tour by 8:00 a.m. morning. Our guide was late this morning because the port authority would not let the driver of the bus through. Don’t know why. He was allowed in the Jerusalem port, but not this one. We saw so much today.

We started at the Mt. of the Beatitudes. Then we drove by Cana of Galilee on our way to Capernaum where Peter’s house was and where Jesus performed many miracles. There was also the ruins of a large synagogue there.

Beatitudes4  Capernaum5

Then we took a boat ride on the Sea of Galilee.

Galilee3  Jordan2

On our way to Nazareth, we stopped at the Jordan River. Annette took her shoes off and walked in the water along with several others. While you were there, you could pay money for a baptismal robe and baptize yourself in the Jordan River if you wanted!

In Nazareth, the YMCA had built a place they called Nazareth Village. This is a reconstructed village that helps you see how people would have lived when Jesus lived in Nazareth (sort of like the American Plimouth Plantation, Williamsburg, or Greenfield Village).

Nazareth3  Nazareth15  Nazareth9  Nazareth29  Nazareth37  Nazareth55

The last place we went today was Mt. Carmel. Elijah spent time on this mountain.


The evening on the ship was relaxing. Annette and Bonnie walked two miles, and we saw fireworks in Haifa before we left the port.

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  1. I have enjoyed reading about your vacation. I cannot imagine what a help in teaching that this will be. I would love to oneday take this same trip if the Lord would allow me. The pictures have been great too. Hope the rest of the summer goes well. Thanks for the comment on my blog. It lets me know that somebody looks at it. Even if it is not a very well written blog. 🙂

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