Commentary: GOP celebrates U.S. defeat

Here’s a quick commentary about some American’s reactions to our lost olympic bid.

Commentary: GOP celebrates U.S. defeat –

So what do you think?  I have to admit, I can see his point more than a little.



  1. Ok, so some people celebrated because they never wanted the Olympics in the first place. I like sports. But I’m not so enthralled by the Olympic Movement. But it seemed to me that most of the people “cheering” around me weren’t happy because they never wanted the Olympics in the first place. They were happy because someone (Obama) they disagreed with was for it and he didn’t get what he wanted.

    If you were never for the games coming to America, cheer. I’m right with you. But if you’d have wanted them here if Bush was pitching for them and you cheered just because Obama pitched for it and lost, you have a principle problem. And you don’t help your case with these type of actions.

  2. You always have a way of making me re-think an issue. I guess it’s because I start spouting before fully thinking it through.

    I didn’t really care that Obama lost. He was only in Copenhagen on the day of the vote for a few hours whereas the leader of Brazil was there pleading his case to the IOC for days. To me, it appears that Obama figured that by taking time out of his busy schedule to fly to Copenhagen for 5 hours and speak to the IOC that he could win the Olympic bid for Chicago. I’m actually glad that Rio won the Olympic bid and that Chicago lost. I have nothing against the Olympics being in America although holding them in Chicago was a little unnerving (it’s a little too close to my back yard!). Since the Olympics are a world-wide event, then all countries that compete should be given an opportunity to host it as long as they can ensure the safety and well-being of those participating and those visiting.

    This should also go to show Mr. Obama that putting in an appearance doesn’t always get you what you want. It takes perseverance and hard work. That’s what the leader of Brazil did. He persevered, he worked hard, he won.

  3. I guess Chicago just doesn’t hold a torch to Salt Lake City!! 🙂

    I was glad Chicago didn’t get the Olympics. If you saw the arrogance as we the people became utterly irrelevant to our own politicians for 5 years running up to the elections, and turned Salt Lake County and one representative set over to the Democrats in a heretofore staunchly Republican state. I didn’t want Salt Lake to get them either. Once they came, many venues were fiercely expensive. Most locals were priced out of going. Scalping became an Olympic event! We had 3 years of unbelievable highway construction running up to the Olympics. We foot the bill to re-build many perfectly good, but ugly bridges, we paid to re-pour an ice-skating rink 4 times that now lies empty. We had to suffer the prospect of the newly elected SLC mayor, Ross (Rocky) Anderson, bar hopping with the world press corps to show the world what a happennin’ place SLC is. Once the world was watching SLC, he hosted several Bush protests each time the President visited SLC. We got light rail shoved down our throats despite voting it down twice.

    It was only the Winter Olympics, and I’m sure Chicago could handle it. I’m also sure that it wouldn’t “further” corrupt Chicago politics (I don’t know how you’d do that!), but I think we lose a little more ground as American values and give more to globalism and multi-culturalism each time we host it.

    Aside from all that, it was an impressive venue. We did make the best of it with evangelistic efforts and even entertainment. I just don’t like what the Olympics has become. It seems to be a branch of the globalist agenda (kinda’ vague, I know).

    P.S. – I still root for the Bulls…not the Jazz.

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