Follow-up: The Best Android Apps That Can Help You Get Motivated

I originally posted this link on February 15, this year.  When I did so, I was interested in trying some of the apps mentioned in this article.  It was an interesting article because I like to see the many ways human ingenuity works to create.  As it turned out I did download the Mindjet app, but after a few times of trying to use it, I quit.  I guess I wasn’t motivated enough to use the app.

In my estimation, there were a few reasons for my quitting:

  1. I don’t keep my Android tablet with me all the time.  I use it mostly so that I don’t need to bring my laptop home from work.
  2. I don’t input words on my tablet very well.  This made building Mindmaps difficult.
  3. The interface seemed to large for my 7″ tablet screen.  It was hard to get the “big picture.”

The Mindjet software and app seem like they could be helpful to some.  I even thought I might use it, but as it turns out, I removed it from my tablet.

Have any of you used the Mindjet app “successfully”?  Have you found a motivational/organizational app that works for you?  If so, let me know in the comments. And, thanks for reading.