From Joppa to Jerusalem – 2013

The Garden Tomb
The Garden Tomb at Gordon’s Calvary

Please join me as we tour and study in the land of Israel.  A wonderful trip visiting over fifty biblical sites and many others of current significance is planned beginning in Joppa and culminating in Jerusalem.  I am returning to Israel  for the third time and look forward to working with Samson Tours on a unique trip that visits many sites significant to New Testament Christians and will also focus on the Rebirth of the State of Israel.

On this tour we’ll visit a plethora of brand new sites that take us along the Mediterranean Coast, up to the Lebanese Border, over the Golan Heights, down to the Dead Sea and up to Jerusalem.  The tour is packed with rarely visited biblical sites like Tel Gezer, Tel Kadesh, Tel Shiloh, Bethel, and the land of Samaria, to name a few.

There will be some great experiences and activities also: kayaking on the Jordan River, sailing on the sea of Galilee, hiking down Mt. Arbel and Susita, wading in water through Hezekiah’s Tunnel, hiking up and down Masada, The Tower of David Sound & Light Show, and more.

I look forward to visiting the land of Israel with you.

Dr. Jeff Voegtlin
Associate Pastor
Fairhaven Baptist Church