The Command To “Love Not”

Bible Text: 1 John 2:15-17 | Preacher: Jeff Voegtlin | Series: 1 John

Command:  Do Not Love

The World
The Things in the World

Disobedient:  No Love of the Father

Reason:  Nothing in the world is of the Father

all is infidelity, adultery to Him
all is enmity, rebellion from Him

lust of flesh – deep, physical
lust of eyes – surface, material
pride of life – foundation, volitional

Reason:  All world passes away (like a train at the crossing)
All in the world passes away.

Reward: Obedient: Abides for ever


What is the World?  Not nature; rather, it is… society, business, entertainment, religion, culture, education, houses, technologies, money, position, etc.

Why does God give this command?

God is not capricious (willy-nilly!)!
He commands for our good.
He knows what will harm us.


We are drawn to love the world.

Who is Commanded?

Young, Strong, Wise
Children, Young Men, Fathers
verses 12-14