So Many, There Are Some Here!

Bible Text: 1 John 2:18-19 | Preacher: Jeff Voegtlin | Series: 1 John

It is the Last Time – The revelation of the Messiah began the last time period for humankind.  One proof of this truth is the many alternate or anti- Christ positions and spirits in the world.


If possible, he would deceive the elect – gospels
A very powerful deceiver – Thessalonians
The Satan-empowered being/beast of Revelation – the culmination or complete embodiment of antichrist spirits

Many Antichrists

Any spirit of error about Christ is anti-Christ
Historical – not God/ not man/ not His gospel/ etc. (believing false gospels)
Today – here, in churches, in religion

Went our from us/ were not of us — there are some here

Some you have known are antichrist
Some of you are antichrist
Some you have or could follow are antichrist

Why does God allow these antichrist in churches?  RATHER, How does God use these evil people for His own purposes?

To reveal truly who they are (leaders and followers)

To the True
To Themselves – merciful, they can then truly repent

Warning/Challenge to antichrists…

Instruction… you will see this happen

Encourage… respond properly – treat as an unbeliever, confront with the gospel.