2014 Republican Primary Race for County Commissioner District 2

During the winter of 2014, the commissioners in Porter County sent a resolution to the State Legislature requesting that they stop the progress of Indiana’s Marriage Amendment. This was an unnecessary move because it is not the business of the county to deal with. But it was quite helpful to the citizens of Porter County.

We helped some of those on the Board of Commissioners get the office they hold and they betrayed our beliefs on a foundational level. And they did it without even needing to–they could have kept their beliefs quiet. But now we know.

Nancy Adams is one of those Commissioners we helped four years ago, but she needs to be replaced. She has two challengers, LaFever and Good.

It seems like LeFever threw his hat in the race and then stopped running. He also seems quite disconnected from the real issues in our county.

Jeff Good is perceptive about problems facing the county and also many of the causes for these problems.

To me, Jeff Good is the good choice.

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