2014 Republican Primary Race for Porter County Council District 1

In the race for county council in district one, incumbent Jim Biggs is being challenged by newcomer Kyle Yelton. Yelton seems to be a good young man with good ideas about government. He is an untested candidate. While looking at the materials provided by each candidate, I see only one distinguishing factor between Yelton and Biggs. Yelton claims he will do away with petty politics and get down to business. My observation is that Biggs has been doing the people’s business on the County Council and has been hampered by the other politicians in county government, particularly certain Republican politicians. I conclude that while he claims to renounce politics, Yelton’s ONLY reason for running is political. The record shows that the man he is running against is already doing the things he claims need done in Porter County.

The amount of money Yelton has been able to spend suggests that other politicians in the county would like him in place so that they can advance their political agenda.

Kyle, that is politics, not government.

I’m sticking with Jim Biggs.

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  1. I was informed that this newcomer candidate-Yelton-has two . . . downsides: first, he has tremendous backing from a (nearby cities) political machine, and second, he still lives with his parents! The first is bad enough, but how can you lead a community when you are not self sufficient? Presuming these facts are true, I choose to cast my vote for Biggs.

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